July 17, 2002

EEK, well I obviously almost forgot to post again! I have to get better at this. Feel free to email me and give me a nudge. lol

Any way, we rushed around today and got the last bits of stuff done for the convention.

I bought a leather duffel bag, at Costco, and new highlighters, couldn't find mine, grrrr. Did 3 loads of laundry which took me forever, people taking all the washers and dryers today. But, I didn't get anything ironed. Thankfully every thing looks ok though.

Oh and I forgot to mention we got Vince a new book bag at Burlington Coat Factory, it's pretty nice.

Any way we are as ready as it looks like we will get for the convention. Now just getting there. We will be leaving in the morning. Well, it is morning, but later this morning. I hope I get the fridge for my medicine. But, Vince has to work over time this morning, and I have no idea what time we will end up leaving. It's kind of frustrating. But, I need to just let Jehovah provide. I know we will be ok, as long as we get there.

Oh yeah and I do have one new outfit for the convention, a red saran style wrap skirt, with tropical like flowers on it, and a red blouse. And I bought some sandals to match. A tanish color, to mach the tropical theme, of the skirt.

Well, I guess this will be it, till I come back from the convention. I hope I remember to continue to use this journal.

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