July 29, 2002

I had my second study in Draw Close To Jehovah, pages 11-15, paragraphs, 13-23.

Today it was about Jehovah's name, and it's meaning, and the other titles he is referred to as, and how those titles give us insight into his personality. And why he is Sovereign Lord. Also about his cardinal attributes, love, wisdom, power and justice. And how love predominates all his qualities, since he exercises love in all his ways. And that He truly does want us to draw close to him, and says that he is not far from any of us. He is really the best imaginable Father we could ever have.

I must also say the box on page 14, is really interesting to meditate on.

I am really excited about going through this book and gaining insight and love for Jehovah. I do believe this will draw me the closest to Jehovah then I have even been. I remember the Greatest Man book giving me such insight and true love for Jesus, and more knowledge of Jehovah since Jesus is the reflection of his father. But, this book is just as insightful.

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