July 31, 2002

I'll start out with my study today. I studied pages, 21-25, paragraphs, 14-24. It was about how Jesus more then any one else could show us how Jehovah truly is, because of his intimate relationship with Jehovah. And how Jesus teaches us about Jehovah, through illustrations, and by his life's example. And how Jehovah uses Jesus as a live example to teach us who he is. Also that Jesus reflected Jehovah's cardinal attributes Power, Justice, Wisdom and especially Love. Of course his ultimate act of love in his ransom sacrifice. The chapter also said that this book is going to help us to search to know Jehovah.

It is set up so neat! We are going to study thoroughly Jehovah's 4 main attributes, divided into 4 sections of the book. Each section will start out with a explanation of the attribute, then we will read a few chapters on how Jehovah shows the attribute, and in each section one chapter will be on how Jesus exemplified the attribute in his life on earth, and one chapter on how we can apply and exemplify the attribute in our lives.

Also interesting will be the meditation boxes. We are to really meditate on these questions, and do research on them. I think I will use the IT books, and the cross reference in my Bible and study deep these questions. And in fact, I have decided in each chapter that will be all I study for one of the days of my study of the chapter, is the box. I figure to properly meditate on each question in the box, and do the proper research it should take at least 30 minutes to a hour to go through the entire box, which would be a whole study. And since I want this to go deep into my heart, I want to take my time on it. So it will be a study with in itself for me.

Now, for the rest of my day. I went to Wal-mart and stocked up on soda, and Vince stocked up on TGIF's buffalo wings, since at Wal-mart they are only 2.85 a box, and for the exact same box, at Pathmart they are 9.99. We got so much the check out clerk asked if we were having a party. lol

Also from now on I will only do quizzies every other day, because they are kind of making my page load too slowly if I do them every day. So look forward to a quizzie tomorrow! :)

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