July 10, 2010

We're pretty much weaned off bottles now happily, now to commence weaning off the nipple shield. She had two pretty good nursing sessions, with much protest, with out it today.

I can't wait for the book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding to come. I remember when I was first trying to get Lela to nurse, Whole Foods had a organic farm magazine with a article about getting babies to nurse in it. It was so expensive I couldn't afford it, then I went back to get it after pay day and they had sold out and I never could find it again. I never got Lela to latch either.

Thank goodness, I knew a bit more this time. And I don't think Belle is tongue tied like Lela is, so that made a huge difference. Lela's pediatrician kept telling me the tongue tie had nothing to do with it and she would eventually nurse. Too bad I listened to that horrible advice! This time I went to the hospital fully ready to demand tongue clipping if Belle was born tongue tied, thank goodness she was not. I also went with a nipple shield for just in case, and for in case, I couldn't get a pediatric ENT right away to do the clipping. But, thankfully she didn't need the shield either. But, then last month she started being weird about nursing, and wouldn't do it, so I tried it with the shield and that way she would continue. Now maybe she will go back to being with out it again. I think she's doing really well right now. YIPPEE! This is really what I have always wanted for my little babies. I love them so much, and want what's best for them. And yes, I like to keep them babies, or as a country song puts it, let them be little, for as long as I can! I don't see what the big deal about growing up is. They'll have forever to be grown ups, but they're only little for a little while, so let them be little!

But, I'm still exhausted from all this. Maybe by baby number 3, I'll know what I'm doing finally! lol

I'm hoping we can get with the LLL here in my area. If they get back with me, with when the next meeting is! I may just see about going to the meetings at the hospital I had them at. They had some kind of support meetings, but I'm not sure if they are LLL or not.

I never did go to the support meetings about the miscarriage there, even though I wanted to, they always seem to do things at times of our meetings. I may go this year though to the memorial they have for all the babies once a year. I want to share my hope with the other women, so I'll probably go ahead and volunteer to stand up and say a little bit about Donavon since that is a option they give each parent.

The other day I told Lela a little bit about Donavon. She was interested in where he was. So I showed her, that he was in the bookcase by the Bibles. She didn't seem to be freaked out or anything like that. She just said she was excited to meet him in the new system. We were having a talk about how we would see people resurrected in the new system. And how we had to be really good so we can make sure we get to be with them again when they are resurrected. And that's how it all came about. I also told her, that her and Belle would have to help each other go to meetings and serve Jehovah and make sure each other make it there! She said she would. haha She's a good girl. She loves the My Book of Bible Stories. Especially Jonah. She's almost 4 now and knows almost all the stories by heart. Sometimes I keep them playing on the PC as background sound in the house too. She can quote most of the stories word for word. I hope we reach her heart and she serves Jehovah all of her days.

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