July 22, 2010

I found a new nursing chair at Ikea. We ended up with a cover for it, I'm not thrilled with, but it was only 10 dollars, and all the others were 129! After a few days I decided I needed a ottoman too. So we went back and got the matching ottoman. It is making a huge difference.

Ikea also had pink sheets on sale for 3 dollars, so I got both Lela and us a set of them. The chair is the same exact shade of pink. WOW is it pink in here! hahaha I must say the sheets are a bit prettier then the chair though. I think the quilt on the bed makes it look better.

A few weeks ago I bought the My Breast Friend pillow with a gift certificate we got for our shower, and I love it!!!!!!!! It is so much better then the boppy for nursing. I've heard a lot of good about it for a long time. And Michelle Duggar uses her's all the time on 19 kids and counting. Well, I can see why. I loooove it! I am trying to figure out a way of affording a second one to keep in the car. Cause Belle loves it, and it makes nursing so much easier and more comfortable for me too. To be honest I put off trying it, cause I didn't think I would like it going around my back. I thought the thing in my back would be uncomfortable, but quite the contrary! It puts support right where I need it. And the pillow stays in place, unlike the boppy that is constantly having to be readjusted. Oh I love it. Now to save up for a second one.

We went to Babies R Us last week to double check their chairs before we finally bought the Ikea chair. While I was there they were having a nursing class, which was more of a let's sell Medela products work shop. Not that I don't like Medela, it's a good brand, even though I personally prefer Ameda. But, what really riled me is the lady selling it was giving incorrect information. She obviously has never pumped a day in her life. I went ahead and told women the truth to their questions they were asking. And the sales lady leading got pretty mad at me. And said she had never heard of such. Well of course not, she was not a Medela representative only a BRU sales clerk. I said, well, I've been on a pumping mom's group for going on 4 years. And this is what I personally have experienced, along with many on my pump mom's group. Things like, you do NOT need a hands free bra to pump hands free. Sure Medela and such would love you to buy all their products including the hands free pump bra, but with the price of the pump alone and every thing else you NEED the bra is not a need! In fact, I found the bra uncomfortable and useless, and only used it for about 2 weeks before I figured out you could pump hands free with out the hands free bra. In fact, even Vince was like, aren't all electric pumps hands free? haha Because they were really trying to sell the hands free pump, that sells for 100 dollars more then the regular electric pump. Not only that, but that's when I said that many on my pumps mom group said the hands free pump was not as strong as the regular pump and they weren't getting much milk from it. That's when the sales lady said she had never heard that. Well yeah how many women are going to come in and discuss milk production with the sales lady at BRU, versus on a pumping mom's group? Any way, once I had her mad enough at me I asked her if they carried the Womanly Art of Breast Feeding book and she looked at me disgusted and said no, she had never heard of it! I said well do you sell any LLL books? NO!

Hmmm, yet this was some breast feeding class, huh? Any way, that was kind of sad, as a lot of the women were there for real answers and real help, and obviously received none. I had often thought about going to their classes for help too. Now I don't feel so bad I never could make it to them, now that I know they aren't really a class, but a sales tactic. I mean, I always figured they would be trying to sell the Medela products, since they advertised they were sponsored by Medela, but I was foolish enough to think they would actually have a LC or someone who had nursed a child before actually doing a class. Not exclusively a sales program! Oh well, the sad world we live in.

I got the book, the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, though in the mail finally, and I LOVE that book. That's my new baby gift to any mom who is going to breast feed from now on! I just love that book so much! Of course I've been told every single thing in there that it says not to say to a new nursing mom. But, oh well, thankfully I have a strong enough personality those things didn't detour me! Thankfully, I also have a father who worked in NICU for many years and is always very very supportive and cheering on my nursing, along with my mom and step mom cheering for us too! Then there's my wonderful online friends who have been a awesome support system for me. It's made a huge difference for me I think. So I just put the things the people in my real life around me say behind me and focus on what my family who live far away and my online friends say more.

And last but not least the Pod has arrived. I'm scared we won't get every thing moved in time. But, the time is upon us now, and we're trying to hurry. I wish I had help. But, I don't so just doing my best each day. I'm scared and excited both. Send help!

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