July 4, 2010

Thursday we went to Rockaway Beach. Lela had such a great time! We were picking up seashells, and lamenting not buying the house we almost bought there 9 years ago. It was a really nice neighborhood, and now the houses are 2 times the price for half the size we were going to get! It was so cool and breezy it was a welcome relief to the summer heat. It was fantastic the first time I went there and had been suffering from heat for months. It was beautiful. Would of never needed a AC or had me suffering from heat if we had lived there. And it was in walking distance of the Kingdom Hall.

Friday we went upstate New York, to Fishkill to Super Walmart to stock up on groceries. We also found they had a Kmart there, and it's really nice. Then we had a snack at Sonic, and lunch at Cracker Barrel. On the way we stopped at Dunkin donuts for breakfast, and some older lady was on her way to the doctor and wanted them to make her food before any one else's and boy did that throw them into a hysterical tizzy. If she had not said anything she would of gotten her food much faster. But, putting them all out of order really turned the place upside down! And ended up taking 30 minutes for her to get her toasted bagel with butter! UHG, what a morning!

Saturday we went back to Hempstead Lake Park where the baby shower was, and had a family picnic. It was a lovely day. And plenty of room, and sooo many grills. I swear there was almost a grill for every table. So no fighting over who got a grill. Lela of course rode the carousel and had a lovely time. The people who run it are so nice! Only charged Lela and Vince half price. So it was fantastic. I'm really surprised the room we had rented was not rented Saturday. It's such a beautiful room and so cheap!

Today we went over to Babies R Us to get Belle's picture taken but the studio had just closed when we got there. So we're going back tomorrow. A nursing pillow I've been wanting is on sale too, and I have coupons, and a gift certificate. So I'm hoping I can get it!

I've been really missing having the search engine on the Healthy Exchanges website, so I installed Mastercook today and started adding titles, from Across America. I'm going to just keep going till I have all the recipes added. Hopefully it won't take me too many years. haha I'm really also hoping a few fellow HE fanatics who also have MC will help with the project.

Now, I'm just watching fireworks out my bedroom window and watching the Greatest American Hero marathon on the Sy Fi channel. I used to love this silly show when I was growing up!

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