July 9, 2010

I rarely post twice in one day friends, but I have to put out this warning.

I was working on my weight loss blog, and checking any broken links. I clicked on the link that used to go to my journal blog, which back then was wolfprncez, I changed it to Heather's Patter and then eventually to this, Heather's Prairie.

Well, when I changed it to Heather's Patter, I noticed some one else had taken over wolfprncez, I thought well I guess blogger puts it back out there if you let it go. I thought it was odd that some one would come up with the exact same spelling and everything, but still thought it was a coincidence. What the other person posts is pretty nasty and offensive. But, you know nothing I can do about it. And hoped every one knew I had changed my address over, and not accidentally go there.

Well when I clicked on my link that I hadn't changed, now the wolfprncez lady has put Heather's Patter as her blog's "name". It is NOT me!

Apparently not so coincidental that she took my wolfprncez name. I don't know what her agenda is, but I'm quite sure now these are not coincidences! So friends if you ever accidentally go to one of my old addresses, and get offended or read something foul, know it is NOT me! I don't know who this lady is, or why she wants things with names I chose for herself. But, it's scary, and right down odd. And most importantly, NOT me!

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