April 18, 2009

It's been nice and sunny here the past few days, so it's been good days to go to the park.

I took Lela to the park yesterday and it was both funny and embarrassing. There was two little boys there with potato chips. She kept asking them for some, and they kept saying no. Finally their grandma asked me if it was ok if she gave her a cookie. I said it was....Lela wouldn't leave the grandma alone after that. She ate 6 cookies! I never seen her eat that much before! They were sugar wafers, she had never had them before. I went to the store afterwards and bought her some, so next time at the park I don't have a beggar.

I've been really liking Panera Bread's chicken salad sandwich on honey wheat bread. So I ended up going to Panera and buying the bread and then experimenting on my own making the chicken salad filling. I used sour cream and just a bit of mayo, with celery seed, garlic, dill and a touch of sea salt. It is good but not Panera's. I'm pretty sure now I need to try yogurt. I'll see how that goes next.

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