May 25, 2009

Lela was at the park today with her grandfather, when I got a call she was in a ambulance being taken to the hospital, I didn't have a car, nor did I even know what hospital they were taking her to, as my father in law didn't have his phone with him. So some one at the park called my mother in law to tell her. Meanwhile I had no idea what had happened or what was wrong.

I finally got to the hospital, just as they were going to admit her. But, I looked around (I was afraid he would have the ambulance take him to a ghetto hospital and he did!). There was over 150 people in the ER room alone and more than that outside! He for some reason had them take her to one of the over ran hospital's here in Queens. You may or may not know but the swine flu is rampant right now here. And especially here in Queens, so that hospital is so over ran. There is actually a tent set up outside to see ER patients!

So I looked at the admittance nurse and looked at my daughter which I had only been seeing now for a few seconds, but could tell it wasn't horrible since she was talking, walking etc. And I said, does she have to be seen here, can I take her some where else? She said yes I could take her some where else. In Kansas sometimes if the patient is too bad off especially a child they won't let you take them some where else, with out calling welfare! Lol One time I twisted my ankle when I was 12, and we were at a fair and the police actually escorted us to the hospital, because they wanted to make sure my parents were taking me! Even though of course they were. But, medical help with children in Kansas is a little over board, when it comes to the state making sure they get it. So I wasn't sure how NYC was on such.

Any way, took Lela to Long Island (now remember this is really only literally about 5 to 10 minutes tops away), and sooooo much better. That's where she was born and it was a nice hospital. Only about 3 people waiting in the waiting room there! And we were back and seeing the Dr with in minutes! Literally my Mother In Law went to the bathroom came out and we were being taken back to her room. I knew with all those people at the other ER we would of been there hours maybe a day before getting to see a Dr! Once when I had to go to that hospital when I first moved here and didn't know how crazy some hospitals can be, I didn't get seen by a Dr in that ER even though I was brought in by ambulance, and was throwing up compulsively and projectilely, for literally over 10 hours I didn't even see a nurse! I had fallen and bruised a kidney is what we found out. Any way, they took one look at Lela's bandaged head which I hadn't gotten to see because the ambulance people had bandaged it, and determined she needed stitches. They called in a plastic surgeon, and said it would be a hour. So since we were at the hospital I know well (been there many many times! Lol) we went on the short walk to their cafeteria had lunch (which Lela was happy about) and then came back and got her stitches. She did soooooooooo well! They of course put her in a child's papoose (AKA straight jacket). Which the Dr thought I would be upset about, but I had already warned my Mother In Law & Father In Law I was sure that is what would happen, because the same thing had happened to me at her age, and they had put me in one. So I told the Dr, it was ok, I understood, I knew that was what was going to be happening. (just for her own safety). Any way, she was better then I was at that age. I had a severe melt down in it, she was soooo good though. I was scared to death of drs for many years after my experience with it, but my mom thinks that is because they didn't use pain medication with me, and blood was squirting every where and I was really fighting them. With Lela she as given pain medication before we went to eat so it had plenty of time to take effect and was given more right before the stitches. I was given nothing. So far she doesn't seem traumatized like I was, she even gave the Dr a high five afterward. So I think she will be fine.

Come to find out this is what happened, she tripped at the bottom of the steps of the slide and her head caught the corner of the step (I can tell that too by the shape of the cut, a rounded corner!). Any way blood was squirting every where and my Fater In Law doesn't handle blood too well, he swooped her up and was running towards home with her, which is only two blocks from this park, which is what had majorly scared me when I got the call, cause my Father In Law doesn't seem like the type to call a ambulance especially when they have a car and the park is only 2 blocks from their home! I've walked there a lot with Lela myself it only takes minutes, so I was sooooo scared that he hadn't went home to take her in his car, and had actually from my only conclusion had a stranger at the park call a ambulance. But, no, what happened was he was running home with her when he got to the corner there was a police car. Which usually that's where the police car seems to be stationed at all times, as they have rookies on the beat only 2 blocks the other direction, so I guess they survey the rookies from that area. Any way, the police of course stop my Father In Law since he has a screaming squirting blood from the head and by this time covered in blood 2 year old with him. And at that point one of my Father In Law's Bible Study's just happened to be there as he was taking his grandson to the park too! So the police called the ambulance and it was my Father In Law study who called my Mother In Law.

So it wasn't as bad as I had visions. I was sooooo scared though when I heard the slide was involved from my Mother In Law before we knew anything else, because about 2 years before Lela was born, one of my good friend's son died from falling off the top of the slide and he was 2 years old! I was soooo so scared.

But, thankfully all was and is well, just scary and hectic yesterday.

Vince got to the hospital just as she was done with stitches, and I told both my Mother In Law and Father In Law in any future emergency be sure to take her to the Long Island hospital in the future-the care will be better there and faster! And then we came home with my husband, Vince.

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