April 3, 2009

It was very rainy today, but it was still a great day. We went to the home show, I've been wanting to go for years, but I've had a hard time finding when and where they are here in NYC, as there is no advertising for them. I finally found when one was, and was able to go. It was great. First when we went in, if we filled out a simple survey we got our tickets free, so of course we did that. Then I ended up using our regular vacation money on items we've been needing for a long time, since we aren't going on vacation this year.

First I finally got a few good knives, they were so expensive, I only got the steak knives this year, next fall when they come back, I'm hoping to get the chopping knife, then I would like another knife I seen in the catalog, and the kitchen shears. My dad bought some from this company from his local home show a few years ago, and when I tried them at his home they were so good, I knew I had to get myself some too. It'll just take us a while to collect all we need. But, they are great knives, if they survive my father and his families abuse, they'll survive anything! lol As they have even ruined cast iron, which his grandmother had for 80 years, and how that was possible, I don't know!

I ended up also getting a few things I didn't even plan on, I went for the sole purpose of getting the knives as my dad said that was the only place they sold them. But, ended up coming home with a steam mop. I LOVE it. I haven't really cleaned our kitchen floor in a VERY long time, as nothing will clean it, I've tried every thing, and the only way to clean the horrible flooring is by getting down on my hands and knees with a SOS pad! And it ends up taking me about 3 days to do the whole kitchen and about 10 SOS pads! It's really horrid! So I gave up on it, after doing that several times, and a week later having to do it all over again (mops don't work on this flooring!). Any way, the steam mop has already made it look 110% better, with little effort, and in a few minutes, not DAYS, and not me having to be on my hands and knees! So YEAH! I can't wait to use it all over the house, it makes me smile already though finally seeing a clean kitchen floor. I've tried every swiffer, and every mop on the market, before to no avail. So this is wonderful.

Then I ended up with some all purpose cleaner, I normally only use vinegar for every thing, but we have been needing something better for a few things, and the way it made my jewelry shine, I ended up bringing some home. Boy does the TV and PC look better!

So all in all it was a great day at the Home and Garden show. Lela ended up with a ton of free stuff, just like I remember when I was her age! lol She got a lot of magnets which she likes to play with on the door, a hat, a ball, and of course candy!

Then yesterday I found out our local grocery stores have gotten much better then they were when we first moved here. As I went there a few times and they were so horrible, I just stopped going. Out of desperation I went back yesterday and they had really cleaned up and had most the foods I eat for half the price I usually pay, and I didn't have to pay gas to get there, as I could walk!

Well, I decided to go back with Vince and Lela, and take paper and pen and write down prices, to compare both stores, and compare against my normal stores, and even though I have lived here 8 years, the store manager didn't know me, and asked if he could help me. I was like no thank you, he kept insisting, then finally just said he thought I was the new sales representative. lol hahahaha The way I looked, I'm scared to know what the real one looks like. lol I looked like the typical haggard mom, and had brought my child with me! lol hahahaha

Well, tomorrow we take Lela to the UniverSOUL circus, so that should be fun, it's a small cheap circus that is held in a park down the street from our house. But, it's really really good, and so small that every person in the audience usually gets to participate in some part of it! It's mainly a African American circus, with a few Asian, and a few Hispanic acts. But, it's really fun. The whole family gets to be involved, which is neat. And it's so cheap, that's a huge plus, even their toys and food is cheap, which again is a great plus. So I'm sure Lela will love it.

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