April 4, 2009

It was windy, windy, windy today!

But, we made it to the Universoul Circus. It was really good, not as many animals as last year but still good. Lela loved getting her picture taken with the elephant. And was up real close to them during the show too. This was Vince's first time to this circus, as we went last year with out him. He really liked it! I let Lela pick out which hat she wanted to get with the cotton candy, from a elephant, a tiger and a giraffe, they had more animals but I thought 3 were enough choices, and I knew she really likes elephants and tigers, but the giraffe was so cute, I had them bring one of them to her to look at too. I really didn't think she would choose it over the elephant or tiger though, but she did! It was so cute! She wore it in some of her pictures. I'll post them later. It was a really fun day. We even got one photo with Vince's grandmother. She went last year with Lela and I too. I'm so glad she was able to come again this year. I don't know how many more years she may be with us, so it's nice to have her along when we can. Lela also got to hit one of the great big balls that goes through the crowd, during a song part, and she was proud of her self! I wish I could of gotten a photo of that, but the camera at that very moment decided to act up! Oh well, I'll post a few photos we did get later.

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