March 29, 2009

I finally scored, I've been a part of FreeCycle for years and never found anything I needed or wanted. Today I scored, some one advertised a solid wood 50 year old desk. With out a photo I asked for it, they saved it for me. I love it! One drawer is slightly damaged but it's perfect for us. What is so funny, is we have a dresser that matches it exactly! For now it will be in our living room as our PC desk, but when we get a home, or a room for Lela by herself, it will be great for her to have a matching desk and dresser, both solid wood, in great condition! Tongue and grove drawers and every thing, it's wonderful. The people were extra nice as well, a little eccentric, they were so funny. They were happy, we would be able to take it as well, they were going to throw it in the trash! EEK!

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