March 20, 2009

It snowed here today, but other then that it was a lovely day. Today is our eighth anniversary. Wow it sure seems like time has flown by.

We took Lela to the circus and she had a ball. She was so excited, she told every one in the apartment building on the way to the car, she was going to see the elephants!

We bought her a light-with a elephant on a ball, and a plush white tiger in a purse, as she really liked it because of the Bengal Tiger in Wonder Pets.

We had a few photos taken too, I liked the clown ones, but the one with the Tiger the lady didn't center well and I think would of looked better with Vince on the tiger with us.....well, I'll know next time! I'll post the pictures when Vince can scan them in.

She just loved the whole circus she smiled and laughed the whole time. She liked the dogs tricks the best.

This year was really good. Last year, I seemed to be bored with it, as it wasn't that good. But, this year it was really really good. So I was happy for her, and it seemed like the time flew by!

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