March 12, 2009

I'm so happy, I've been looking for some good school furniture for Lela, and I found some perfect furniture. A online store that sells school furniture! Great desk, I can't wait to get for Lela. However, I'm debating which chairs to get for her and I! Plastic, or birch/wood. The plastic looks more comfortable, however, the birch is better environmentally, and would go better with our decor in the house. I also for sure am getting her a book cart (for libraries!) from there. I love it. She's been needing a book case, but I haven't found anything I'm in love with. Well, I love these book carts. They remind me of school! AND they can be rolled around where ever we want. And they will be so durable they will probably last forever, since they are made for schools.

They have a ton of stuff I want though. But, we'll just get things as we can. I really love all their play stuff too-kitchen, living room, puppet theater, etc.

I'm also in search of a good air pop, popcorn popper, I think we're going to go primitive and buy one you use on the stove top. lol

And one of my favorite people is on TV today, Richard Simmons, I need to get to exercising again! So I'm going to order his new DVDs. And hopefully start getting off my fanny and working out again! I need it.

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