September 22, 2003

I'm still trying to brain storm and think of more ways to get JWLW to be a better group. I love my group but, I want it to be able to the best it can be. I think I may see if I can get some more members, and maybe that will bring up our the amount of people who chat in the chat room as well. I want to give it a bit of time though and see how things go, with the new features I've already added.

As of this morning I've lost 27 pounds and I'm pretty happy with that. A lot of people say they can tell by looking at my pictures. I can tell when I look at the pics, and I couldn't tell by looking in the mirror.

I've been also trying to think of themes for JWLWs weekly chats. I've decided we would discuss relaxing music, and what kind makes us feel relaxed and good. And what kind would help us want to move. Cause that was one of Dr. Phil's suggestions to permanent weight loss.

I've decided on having Monthly Challenges with JWLW, and giving prizes of graphics. But, I think it would be a neat idea to also give cds away too, if every one would send in 5 dollars for the price of it and shipping. People could still be part of it for free and get a graphic for winning, and I wouldn't spend their 5 dollars if they didn't win it would just put them in for the next months challenge. But, I don't know how that would go. I would probably only be able to give cds with radio shows that don't have a copywrite any more, cause of it expiring.

After that I can't think of other themes for chats, since every one is on a different plan it's kind of hard to talk about a certain theme sometimes when not every ones plan would coincide with the theme. But, if I keep thinking I will probably think of some other things. Like maybe why we want to lose weight. Or something.

I'm really wanting a treadmill, lol right now I just walk around the bedroom and it gets dizzying sometimes-too tight of circles. lol

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