October 15, 2003

Hmmm I don't know how it's been so long since I last updated again! It didn't seem that long ago. Any way, I am loving my new recipe book. I am putting the recipes up on JWLW so that more the group can use them if they want.

I've changed more things with JWLW I put in a recipe file so that every one can put in recipes for diets they are on. That way other members on the same diet can get more recipes. We used to just send them in emails, but this way we have files and people can scan through just recipes if they want ideas for a meal. I like it a lot. I've been adding at least 2 recipes a day. And then I am adding Richard Simmons monthly recipes that I get too.

So far I've lost 30 pounds now. If I could just update the blog more often. lol I will add a new pic soon, hopefully.

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