July 25, 2003

I'm doing so good. I went to the endocrinologist yesterday. My hemoglobin A1C has went from 6.4 (good should be below 6.5) in March, to 5.1 (excellent) last week. I am just so happy. My doctor is also very happy with the changes. I've also lost 16 pounds, and have been able to decrease my insulin intake 8 units a day. She thinks I will be doing a lot better once I get just 36 more pounds off. She is very happy with how I am now. And she said I may be even able to decrease my insulin another 2 units day, which would be a decrease of 10 units a day. Which would be great. The more insulin you are the harder it is to lose. So this less insulin will also help me lose more weight. Plus the benefit of my sugars being low enough to take it down that much has been just really great. :)

I did have some bad news though and that was kidney problems, possibly due to being on atkins too long. So I have to be on kidney medicine the rest of my life if I want to keep my kidneys. At least they found it in time for medications to work, and I don't have to be on dialysis.

So far not been doing much though since I got home, too tired. But, next week I will be out in service again I hope. :)

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