July 9, 2012

Glamping, and conventions. . .

I haven't been able to post much lately, just been too busy.

Vince is loving his new job. It is a lot of hours, but we are at least able to not live by a thread any more. And are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I took a big step last week and looked over Craig's List and bought our first camper. I am really excited to start Glamping! lol haha I just can't wait. I am scouring pintrest for lots of ideas and finding all kinds of things I want to do it. I just can't wait to get started. Next year we will be going on our first vacation in 4 years. But, now that we have this little camper, I think we will at least be able to go to a lake once in a while for a day or two before a bigger vacation. I think this is going to be a really fun hobby though. Even Lela is having fun looking at paint colors and fabric swatches with me. Funny though I keep finding lots of skirt fabrics looking for curtain fabrics. haha

Last winter I found some great drinking glasses at Krogers on sale for only 30 cents, I only bought a few cause we were low on money and I am so picky about my drinking glasses, I never know if they will be ones I like or not till I actually drink from them. Well I loved them but couldn't get back to Krogers in time to buy more before they sold out. Well, happy days I see Vermont Country Store is now selling them. I am going to buy some for the house and the camper! Too bad they aren't 30 cents. haha

We had our district convention last weekend. And boy was it awesome. I can't wait to get the audio cds of it and listen to it again. The drama was amazing. I hope we get it out on DVD some day. It moved me to tears. And nothing does that very often! It was a theme that we have all seen played out in real life, and we have needed addressed for decades, I believe. I surely hope this will help many many people. It was something for us all to remember. And we can all help, and encourage with this theme. And then one of the releases, we have already reviewed, and Belle and Lela were cheering and wanting it again and again! lol AWESOME! VERY VERY exciting! Just way too cool. The coming more/new releases to go along with it is just very exciting as well to think about and look forward to. I can see this is going to be a great learning tool for many. All I can say is, the society is moving right along with the times, and this is just a wonderful release. I don't think we got any pictures this year though at the convention. Man....I can't believe we didn't. UHG. I have to get better at that. I mean this was RJ's first and we have no pics of him there. UHG. Ok I got to get on the ball with more photos. *sigh* Any way, I just was blown away by this years convention. We've had a lot of good ones in the past but this really was far and above anything I've seen. Tonight we will be reviewing another release we received and were instructed to try as a family to review it in our family worship this week, and I can't wait. It's hard waiting for Vince to get home from work so we can do that!

On a negative note we are having a terrible time with flies, they are driving me nuts, we sit and kill a ton of them each day with the fly swatter, and yet they just keep coming and coming driving me up the wall!

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