July 15, 2012

Movies, Skirts, and Chairs. . .

Yesterday we had a good day, I was able to get some much needed jackets and belts on sale. We even got to the RV dealer and was able to get some repair tape for a little snag in the trailers lining. Then we ended the day going to see a movie, we seen a Madea movie. Funny enough that was the last movie we seen together as well, 3 years ago! hahaha It was a funny movie and we had a good time. We ran into a brother I grew up with and who pioneered the same time I did. He and his wife were seeing the same movie. ha! Came home and finished up a new slip, I finally have the neck length just right I think. I kept on making them too high and couldn't keep them down under my neck line of my blouses, but I think I finally got it just right.

This morning we decided to go visit the Riverside congregation cause they are selling their hall and I wanted to see it one last time. Well surprise surprise they have Hyde Park's old chairs. Oh how I have missed those chairs. Well I got to have a last sit in them. I wish I would of thought to of taken pictures....Riverside is moving in with us next month, I hope they talk our brothers into letting them bring their chairs. Those chairs have been floating around for 40 years. From one congregation to another, but always look great, and are oh so comfortable. A brother designed them and built them. They are the most comfortable meeting chairs I've ever sat in. And they were so well constructed they just last and last. And one of my favorite things about them is they NEVER snag my clothing. So many of the chairs at the halls snag my hose, or my dresses, these never ever do! *sigh* I always miss them when I don't go to a congregation with them.

I got to also see a lot of old friends, Helen, and her family, ironically her son is the one we seen at the movies. And Vic Falcon, his wife Jerri studied with me...and now she is very ill I have to call her soon. The Meads-both Jim and Larry, Larry's son is in my congregation. And just so many people I've pretty much known my whole life.

Afterwards we went out to lunch and ran into more old friends, Helen again, ha, and Sister Jenkin's as well.

We came home cleaned a bit. I ironed some things. And then we went to Walmart. I got my hair cut, and I'm not happy with it at all. It's nothing like what I asked for. I asked her to keep my sides long, one side was about 8 inches and the other about 4 inches, the last stylist had made them a symetrical to give it so funk. Well, I decided I wanted them the same length again. I told her I was growing it out. And I wanted to keep my sides long. She asked if I wanted to just even them out then so they would grow at the same rate. So I thought she meant she would make the longer side the same length as the short side and they would both be about 4 inches, so I said yes....but keep them long please....I now have TWO 1/4 inch long sides....I am not sure, but I don't think 1/4 is LONG! I can't see with out my glasses so had no idea she had cut off the 4 inches completely and the 8 inches completely...and left me with 1/4 inch on both sides! And that's just the beginning, it's nothing how I want. UHG. Why, oh why did JR have to move away, he knew exactly what I wanted. Well, when looking at shampoo a few minutes later I ran into a woman who had the EXACT hair cut I wanted and asked for and didn't get. I talked her into letting me take photos of her, and asked her for her stylist name, so I'm going to her stylist next time, and ask for the exact same cut with the photos! However, to get my sides back to the length they were will probably take me 2 or 3 years! It makes me so mad! That's not evening them up, that's cutting them off...why didn't she ask me if I wanted them cut off, not evened up! UHG! UHG! UHG! I look like a boy now, JR had given me a very girly hair cut and that's what I like, I don't want to look like a boy. Grrr! I guess I will just have to live with it though now....*sigh*

Came home and started work on two more skirts. I decided I would stack the fabric and cut two skirts at the same time, so far I have 6 of the 12 pieces cut out that's all RJ would allow me to do, before he totally said he needed my full attention. haha One of the skirts is going to be super fun though I got it really cheap at Hancock's on the clearance table, but it's kind of kitchy 40's tablecloth style, it's yellow with like lace printed on it, and bright pink cherries. Which I was able to get a sweater at CJ Banks yesterday for only 5 dollars on clearance that is the EXACT same shade of pink. So it will be perfect. I am really hoping though to find a bright yellow tank to wear with it too. After I get done with these two skirts, I think I will make a few winter skirts real quick though too. It's in the triple digits here, but I want to get a head start for winter! haha

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