July 20, 2012

Skirts in the Dirt. . .

I finished my yellow with cherries skirt today, and started another one. I bought the yellow/cherry fabric at Hancock's on the clearance table. Well, I can certainly see why it was on clearance. It's horrid fabric that my machines just wanted to eat. Yes, that's right machineS! I tried two different ones and both wanted to just eat it up! Grrr. Well, I did learn about a screw in the bobbin case, during the whole adventure and I think I may of tweeked my old Japanese battle ship of a machine, by googling tension problems and finding a Thread's magazine article on it. Seems to be running even better then before with that little tweek, and I would of never even of looked for such a tip hadn't it of been for this horrid fiddly fabric. I will probably post a picture of it on Sunday or so. I'm glad it's done. It is cute. I just never want to work with this fabric ever again. I started another skirt too...going to see if I can do it with ALL woven fabric and no knit. The pattern calls for just a little knit, but it has so much ease, I'm thinking it will work fine with all woven. I guess we will soon see! haha Already have one side all stitched up and pressed. I also bought starch for the first time ever and starched my skirt. Hopefully it will keep it wrinkle free longer that way. But, I want to buy Mary Jane Butters book, that has the home made starch recipe in it. I know it would surely be healthier. Although I must admit I really liked the smell of this starch. I think it gave me a head ache though, I'm not used to any aresole sprays in my home, or any chemicals of any kind.

Took the kids to play outside this morning. We usually go in the afternoon. Boy was it hot, the sand was scorching so we played under the trampoline. Then I burned my feet on the steps coming back in the house, that has never happened to me before. I think we'll keep it to afternoon playing outside times! When the shade is covering that part of the yard/lake. Today there was a little lizard out there in the sand with us though, must of been sunning himself. Yesterday evening when I took the kids to play there was a little frog that Belle had great fun chasing, and it was jumping high, hopping away from her.

Good news, Lela made it to Grandma Kathy and Papa Vincent today. I have been so worried about that, but glad she is with them now. She is going to spend a couple of weeks with them and then come back home and get ready to start school. We still haven't settled on public or home school. I really want to homeschool and Vince wants her homeschooled even more then me...so we will see.

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