June 21, 2012

Sew Starts Day Two. . .

We went to a grand opening of a new grocery store yesterday, called Fresh Market. It was really really nice. Had lots of yummy samples. Everything from ribs to crab cakes to apple pie. Just yummy yummy stuff. It's a "healthy" type grocery store so that's nice to have another local one. And if we get the house we want it's really really close to it as well.

After that I went to my bra class. Anne rescheduled for Weds/Thursday instead of Tues/Weds, cause of the sewing guilde she forgot about. Which that was ok with me! That works better for me any way. So I was able to start my bra, and actually make a my first pretty one, I go back tonight to finish it. I can't wait. So far it's coming along awesome! I for sure want to make more and more and more. haha She showed me a really cute one her daughter made, and I said I want one like hers, so Anne's going to help me find the fabric in the store to make a similar one.

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