December 4, 2011

Sewing Storm. . .

Julie came over yesterday and we cut out the pattern and the fleece fabric to make a ELD Nursing Classic #206 jacket/coat. I am a little nervous about making a coat, but I'm hoping it will go well. If I like it enough I will buy some wool from Needle Nook and make a second one. Before she came over I finished up another flannel nightgown. It's a really pretty pink, I think it's the best version yet that I have made of that pattern. I need to take a picture of it for sure.

It was so cold this morning when I went out to the car to go to meeting the door handles were frozen shut! I had on a wool skirt, and wool sweater with a knit turtle neck underneath and was still freezing. I should of wore my boots. I am going to buy some leg warmers from Vermont country Store, and going to make myself a flannel slip tonight. No air went up my skirt, but some did get up my sweater/turtle neck, so if I had been wearing a full flannel slip I may of been warmer, and especially leg warmers and boots! I think I will buy some of their socks made for 30 below zero degree weather as well. Scouring JC Penny's site too and might get a tweed skirt. I need more winter wear. I did buy some pretty sweater knit from Needle Nook I'm going to make a suit with, and also going to make a suit with some mystery sweater like fabric that was only 20 cents a yard from Walmart. I will probably be working on all that this week. I want them done ASAP! lol haha I figured out the first knit jacket I made is really not that too big for me as much as the back of it is too big. So I visited Anne at Needle Nook and she measured and I'm going to try it again after pinching out 3 inches from the back piece.

The special day is coming up next week, so I think I want to get at least one of those suits made. I will for sure get the charcoal jacket remade by then, since the skirt and shirts are already made for that. Even though I also bought another knit for another mock turtle neck for it too. I can probably do that as well! lol

Any way still having fun sewing. Was thinking about it during the Watchtower study this morning, about recreation. At least it's a clean recreation. Just will have to be careful about time spent on it. But, I don't think I spend too much time on it. Can't between the chillin's! lol haha

A really sweet woman, named Bethany, at La Leche League made the most delicious butternut squash on Thursday, I have to get Bragg's seasoning, as she said that's what she put on it. It was so good, I didn't even need butter or salt! Chris, one of the LLL leaders, made a delicious stew, she said she used Watkin's meat magic. So I have to make a trip to the store for both of those, they were so delicious!

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