December 8, 2011

Yesterday Julie came over and we worked on my coat to the point of needing zippers. I plan on going to buy zippers on Saturday. Then hopefully she can come over again sometime next week and help me a little bit further. What ever we don't get done then, I will take the rest over to Anne's Needle Nook Fabrics and finish as my "UFO". If I finish before that, I may take a new jacket or more nightgowns over to work on. Or a skirt. I want to make a flared skirt with some wool I bought. There's a independent pattern company that has the perfect pattern for it, but I don't really have the funds for new patterns right now, so I'm thinking on using a existing pattern I have and redrawing it the way I would like and see what happens. I'll use some of my 20 cents a yard fabric to test it out, so I may do that at the store. Will have to figure it out when it comes I guess. After Julie went home, I made another mock turtleneck. Man I love how fast the mothercovers whip up!

Belle is getting closer and closer to sleeping in the bunk beds with Lela. She's at least laying down with her and starting the night out with her, now if she will just stay there.

We went to Denny's tonight before La Leche League, and it was pretty good. Wish I had tried the red velvet cake puppies, but probably best I didn't! haha I'm thinking about visiting the other LLL meeting next week, since we won't have another meeting at the one I go to this month due to Christmas. Will have to see if Vince is up to it. Since I usually only go once every other week, and this time would be three weeks in a row because of the way the days have fallen this month.


Amy said...

Howdy from a Mary Jane Farmgirl pal. I am now following.

I hope you have a most blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

In his Love,

Marjean said...

Clicked the ad for you Heather! I hope your dh gets a good paying job soon. I'll pray for him to keep looking for one and we know our prayers are heard by God!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Amy and Marjean! ;o)

We sure do Mar!