November 8, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window. . .dreary and rainy.

I am thinking. . .dinner was really good tonight.

I am thankful for. . .all my friends, and especially the support I get at LLL meetings.

I am remembering. . .my sister in law and brother and can't wait for them to have their first baby.

I am hoping. . .that Vince gets a better paying job some day soon.

I am creating. . .another nursing night gown, I also want to make some turtle necks too soon though.

On my mind. . .cleaning my sewing area, so I can get to work.

Noticing that. . .my energy is back up to almost normal. This next year will be fun!

From the kitchen. . .home made potato soup. mmmm it was delicious! I need to take a photo.

One of my favorite things. . .my cutco knives. boy did they make, making dinner so much easier and faster. LOVE them!

What I am reading. . .LLL message boards.

Picture for thought I am sharing. . . 
Little Lela-Newburge Assembly Hall


Midcentury Delights said...

I need to find a good potato soup recipe. I made one up and it didn't come out creamy like it does in restaurants. I'm not sure if I need to add a bunch of cheese or what. We love loaded potato soup so I'd like to be able to make it myself. I've been making lots of soups lately, too. They are so yummy and hearty on a cold night.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Well I'm ashamed to say I get the creaminess from cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup from a can, you could also use cream of celery. My recipe is here-

It is VERY creamy. However, I am planning on getting LLL whole foods cookbook and they have recipes where you use milk, flour and maybe cornstarch. I also want to try this recipe-

I had another recipe that was more complicated that always came out well too, from the mayo clinic cookbook, they sell it from time to time at Sam's club. It has leeks in it. The leeks are a bear to clean so we don't have it much! lol

But, I also want to try this one-

When I can get more caught up on life, I'm going to use less canned/processed foods and more "whole" foods. Right now though I had the canned soup in the cupboard so used it. Plus I had made that soup before and loved it. Now that I know the rest of the family likes potato soup though, I will probably try those other recipes soon. I'm making at least one soup a week to save money. So I'm sure we will get to them all. BTW, that website I listed looks like a lot of good ones to try.

But, I've only tried the joAnna lund one and Mayo Clinic ones, so for sure they are creamy and good the others I can't personally attest to.