November 11, 2011

I'm almost done with another flannel nursing night gown. But, when I got to the sleeves I didn't like the lace I had picked out for it, so hurried myself over to Needle Nook Fabrics, and bought some smaller lace. I also bought some sweater knit off the remnant table to try to make a ultimate mother cover. I thought I would make a turtle neck, but now I'm thinking I may go back to Anne after I trace out the pattern and ask her to help me make a shawl neck line instead cause she told me a while back she would help me do that. It's a really fluffy soft fabric, Anne really likes it and said it will make a really really comfortable and warm sweater and that I would like it a lot. I wish she had more fabric like it, it seems so cuddly. She also said it was easy to sew. My kind of fabric! haha I also meant to buy some local honey comb lotion from Anne, for a 5 dollar or less gift exchange I have coming up in a few months, but completely forgot! Uhg, I guess I will have to try to remember when I go back to have Anne help me with the shawl collar.

Then we went to Aldi's and bought some food stuff, and a pumpkin pie. I baked it and wish it would cool faster, I want a slice! haha I also got a ham, that should last us for several meals, I plan on making soup at least twice with it, and having some sandwiches as well. I also got more seasonal creamer at Walmart, the pumpkin pie spice and the peppermint. They were out of the pumpkin pie spice creamer at Aldi's but I want to try it since it's like half the price, same with the peppermint creamer. Oh well. I can't wait to have a yummy cup of my Dunkin Donut's coffee with the seasonal creamer and a slice of pumpkin pie!

After that Vince said he wanted to Chinese food, so we went to a buffet that is always on commercials here but we never go to. I went there years and years ago, way over a decade ago just not recently. But, they have a VERY funny commercial. It's red necks, and just hilarious considering it's a chinese buffet ran by Chinese people! Any way, getting to the point, I was so glad we went there. Ming's has been my family's favorite Mandarin restaurant since I was a baby. But, Grandma Ming died some years back, and sadly so did a lot of the recipes. I got used to the new chef's eggrolls, and rice, (which were pitiful compared to Grandma's!) but then when I moved back here and I went with my dad we were both VERY disappointed when they got yet another new chef that changed our very favorite main dish. It was called sweet and sour chicken.  However, it was much different then any other sweet and sour chicken from other "Chinese" restaurants, it was NOT the traditional red sauce, but rather a orange colored sauce with a citrus flavor and chunks of pineapple in it. It was not very sweet like the red sauce that is at most chinese restaurants, but more "fruity" then sugar sweet. Any way, so sad that the new chef at Ming's changed to that traditional red sauce you can get EVERY where! So I just hadn't gone back and had started just eating more Korean food from Ah-So. Even though she had stopped making my favorite dish as well, she said the lollipop chicken was getting too hard for her to make with her arthritis hands, but was so shocked I was old enough to have kids. lol Funny, her and Mike Ming always seem to remember me no matter how long it's been since I've been in. That's what I love about family restaurants. But, any way back to the point, the buffet had Grandma Ming's sweet and sour chicken! They called it "Orange" chicken though. I can't believe, I haven't ever found that "sauce" any where else, oh I've had a lot of sweet sauces at Chinese restaurants, sesame, general tso's etc etc. But, never have found Ming's sauce ever any where else. I was so shocked but so happy! They also had a lot of other good foods as well. So I guess it's our new place now. Plus it was cheaper then most the others around here by about 4 dollars a person, which is pretty big. So yup found our new place. Funny thing to be happy about I know. But, I limit myself to how often I have that kind of chicken, and I had been mourning the loss of grandma and all her recipes, and then the extra kick of her chicken being gone too. UHG. I still miss her eggrolls though, never have found any seasoned exactly like hers, hers were perfect. Awe well! I got my chicken back and am very happy! lol haha

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