November 7, 2011


The other night I felt a the earth move, under my bed! I thought I must of drink too much coffee. Since I haven't had coffee since being pregnant with Raphael. But, the grocery store had pumpkin spice creamer out in the dairy, and I just had to try it. It was awesome! I drink a ton of coffee that day feeding my pumpkin spice addiction. So I thought oh my goodness, I'm having a stroke! I better lay off the coffee. Then a few minutes later two of my friends posted on facebook that we had just had a earthquake. It was supposedly a 5.2. WOW. Then again tonight we had another small one, but I was bathing Raphael and trying to feed him at the same time and didn't notice it. However Caleb did, and yelled to ask me if I felt it. Nope......not this time. UHG!

Lela also knocked my laptop off the table that day on accident. Ever since it has not been working right. I can't get my email at all. And most of my programs no longer work. I'm barely able to even get online. Hoping we can get a new desk top for Vince and then I may inherit his laptop. I don't know yet though, we'll see. To be quite honest I'm shocked with all the kids around us all the time that this is the first pc to bite the dust due to one of them.

Been trying to get caught up on laundry, almost there for what's in the house........then there is bags in the barn that really need to get gone through and done too. *sigh* It seems to never end.

I'm trying to save some money and make soup at least once a week. Last week we had chicken noodle soup, the week before that we had chili. This week we are having steak house potato soup, and next week white bean, ham and cabbage soup is on the menu. One of my friends though just today posted a picture of chicken enchilada soup, that is for sure going on the menu! If I don't get the ham in time next week, that may be exactly what we will be having since I have every thing for it in the house already! His pictures of his food look amazing too! I can't believe how great they look. I wish I could photograph my food as well as he does. grrr.

Well as you may or may not of noticed, I have added Ad Sense to my blog. I hope it is not too bothersome to any one, but I really need a little extra dough. This could maybe help me get some fabric money for clothes and sewing and such. Hopefully it will work out for me. Sorry if any one gets upset about it. We'll just try it out and see how it goes, if it is too annoying I will probably end up removing it. But, hopefully it won't be too bad and I will actually get some money out of the deal, who knows.

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