March 24, 2013

We have had a awesome couple of weeks. Saturday before last we seen Disney on Ice with the kids. They loved it. Had a ton of fun.

Then Wednesday was Vince and I's 12 anniversary. He brought me some really hilarious cards. I bought him some tie tacks from the antique mall. On Saturday he took me to Yoder to celebrate. We ate at the Amish restaurant and I went to the thrift store there that was so much fun. They moved locations. But, their prices were as good as ever. I got a vintage thermos with the glass inside, for 50 cents! I love the vintage ones. Lela a hand made sweater. She's been needing one for meetings cause she outgrew all her meeting ones. Myself three really cute sweaters. And real tupperware for only 25 cents. A cute little coat rack for the girls. And Belle another dresser scarf as well. Myself some really cute hot pads, and on and on. Two full bags, plus the coat rack all less then 15 dollars total. I love that thrift shop! I can't wait to go back again.

Then today we went to the Dillon's Market Place in Derby and ate dinner. Their salad bar is awesome. I loved the spinach egg salad. And Vince really liked the prime rib dinner he had. Then I was able to get the grocery shopping for the week done as well. I think that will start being our lunch/dinner spot on Sundays. The salad bar is so tastey. And they have pork loin or prime rib at the deli (hot meals) on Sundays and Vince really liked his. And then I can right there get my shopping done too. Stores used to have cafeterias when I was growing up and that's how my mom always did the weekly shopping too. But, then they went away for a while. I'm kind of glad Dillon's brought it back. They have a really nice organic and health food section too. I especially like the bulk dry goods section.


Audrey said...

Sounds great! I am ready for things to turn around and be awesome for us. I was just thinking yesterday how we've had a bad time the last few weeks. Our refrigerator quit, my son & I both cut our fingers, and before that I was sick. My husband & I did go out to dinner on our 20th anniversary, which was in February, so that was nice. My Mom wanted to have a party for us, but it never worked out, so we are going to try for April. When we go to Montgomery, AL, we can shop at Earth Fare, and they have a food bar where we usually eat before we head home! But, that is about a 1 1/2 hour drive, so we don't get to do it often.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

oh man the bad fridge is one of the worst! We had a really good warentee with our last fridge, they replaced 500 dollars worth of the food!