August 31, 2012

We was able to get Lela's computer this week, and yesterday her Calvert Curriculum arrived.We've gotten a ton of stuff moved to the new house. And I just can't wait to begin our life there. We should start living there by Saturday night. We are so excited.

Sunday we took over a few loads, bought all our appliances, signed the lease, and then went to Lela's state back to school party. It was one busy day! Since then me and the girls pack boxes every day and then take them to the new house, unpack them, bring them back and pack them again! lol haha Almost all our clothes and food is there, now I have to work on the bathroom stuff, my big sewing machine, furniture and dishes.'s going to take a while. I think we should stay here another week so the girls and I can pack stuff every day more, but Vince is excited to just get into the new house so that means only working on Saturdays after this week probably. UHG! lol

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