August 4, 2012

Sweet Cherry Jam . . .

Strawberry Jam
I've been making jam like there's no tomorrow. I'll have gifts for every one before long! haha Wednesday I made cherry jam and it was so yummy. And yesterday I made strawberry jam and it was even better! I am so glad I bought the canning book from JoAnna Lund before she died, I am making yummy and healthy jams! I am thinking about going to the health food store today and buying some stevia and raw sugar to make some more jam! I like both the cherry and strawberry so much, don't know which one I want to make more. I know I want to make some pumpkin butter too. And wish that I hadn't missed peach season I would like to make some peach jam too, and pineapple! I am having a ton of fun canning. I may make some pickles next week. I only wish I had a coiled stove, but at least I can go upstairs to my dad's and can away.

Vince and I have found a real good accupressure place that has been helping us quite a bit, so we'll be going there today too. Especially cause part of my bruise has calcified into a knot that I will now have forever. I have to get that blood to moving!

One of my friends just informed me there is "diet" Big Red! My dreams have came true! I have to find this stuff! haha It was my favorite childhood drink ever! Something I never seen in NYC regular or diet. I was informed long ago this is a "Mexican" drink and I guess why it's not found on the east coast, but only in Mexican neighborhoods and such. Apparently we are predisposed to liking strawberry flavored soda pop! haha

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