February 16, 2012

Company Ready. . .

I finally am coming out of the fourth trimester. haha I've been so tired since before the move here, between being pregnant with Belle, the big move, nursing Belle and being pregnant at the same time, pregnant, triple digit heat all summer long, and then nursing RJ...well he's sleeping pretty well through the night now, and I'm starting to feel normal again! All that takes so much more out of you when you have diabetes, and are old (over 35) like me. Whew. I still want another baby, but am glad to finally start feeling normal again! I've been working on getting the house cleaned up with my new found energy. Also been having Vince go to the barn and bring in boxes for me to unpack. So it's starting to look like a home! Saturday I'm going to have him bring in a dresser my mom gave me for Belle, and clean it out, put all Belle's clothes in it and put RJ's clothes in Belle's current dresser. That should free up Vince and I a couple of more drawers, since right now RJ is sharing our dresser! haha

I've been making a ton of cakes too as I had a bunch ready to expire or just expired last month. The kids are really liking it, and frosting got so much easier to make once I found my electric beaters! Boy hand creaming with a spatula to make frosting is hard work! haha I can't wait to buy myself a big free standing mixer...some day...some day. Maybe another two years, I could have the money saved up.

I think I will be all caught up on laundry, and have the house presentable in two more weeks. Then I am inviting people over! The only company I have had is Julie and Raquelle as they are the only people I'm not ashamed to let see the house. haha So it will feel good to have some company over. I'm thinking about inviting the brothers and their wives over who are going to have our shepherding call as that is coming up, and since we live way out here in the boonies I thought maybe they could all just come and eat dinner with us. At least I'm hoping. Been planning a easy menu to have mainly in the slow cooker and ready after meeting for them to just follow us here after meeting since they don't know how to get here. Going back and forth with what to have. One of the brothers is not from here, and so I know some people from where he is from doesn't like mexican food, so that limits my menu items. Will have to just ask him what his family preferences are. Especially since I am going to invite his parents too since they live with him. But, it's fun tossing around ideas any how. For some reason I really like to menu plan. haha

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