February 20, 2012


Last time I posted, I said I had gotten some energy back and had been cleaning my house, well thank goodness for that and being Flywashed. Friday evening Vince was taking a bath getting ready to take me grocery shopping when I heard a knock at the door. I asked Lela who it was, but she was upstairs playing with my little sisters, so I was heading to the door to see who it was, as we rarely get unexpected visitors I was fully expecting to see my father, when I heard my mother in law's voice, say It's Kathy! I was like, wha what!? I literally looked around the room to see if I was dreaming or awake, I was pretty certain I was awake. Thank goodness the house was in decent condition! It was quite the shock they truly did surprise us. When Vince and Lela came back to the apartment they were in total shock as well!

We had a good weekend, went to the Amish restaurant, meeting and Bishops, then had the kids pictures taken, they also bought Ralphie a Sophie girraff which Belle quickly took over, and so ended up having to get a second one. haha. While we were taking photos, the camera broke, but they still got several good ones, and gave us a voucher for next time. So we will be going back soon. My dad invited them to dinner tonight too. So we had a nice visit and they have to go back home in the morning. But, whoa were we shocked. lol They truly, truly got us!

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