April 29, 2010

Lela tortured the cat today with her happy meal tiara. haha

Meeting went well last night, every one is still awed over Belle. And was having fun holding her. Lela said the funniest thing though. There is a older brother in our congregation, that's hair line resembles Dr. Phil and when he got on stage to conduct, Lela decided to blurt it out! It's Dr. Phil! Vince and I had never noticed the resemblance till Lela let every one know. haha

It's a nice sunny day today so we're off for a family walk. I'll be wearing Belle in my new baby hawk. It's a little big though, I may need to get the straps shortened. But, maybe I will figure out how to adjust it better before going to that extent.

As many of you know, I'm a huge JoAnna Lund fan, and I was able to finally get one booklet of her's I didn't have in my collection and been looking for for years. Some one was selling it on Amazon and one of my friends let me know. So, I'm very excited to finally get it!

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