September 20, 2010

First Microburst?

We had a tornado in Queens, can you believe it? We were out at IHOP, can when we went out side, it was dark green, windy and torrential rain! I looked and thought I seen a tornado, but thought it must be my eyes playing tricks on me as we are in NYC, not Kansas. Then they said it was a tornado, now they are calling it something else though that is even stronger then a tornado. They called it a Microburst, I believe it went by our apartment, every one says that a tornado sounds like a train passing by. This did not sound like a train, it sounded like a really really low flying airplane, in fact, I thought it was a airplane that was going to crash into the side of our building! But, it wasn't!

It has been so stressful hoping we would get out in time. We were going to have to rent a truck to get the fridge and other big things over to the pod. I decided the fridge is old, and almost dead already. So we will just leave it behind, and rent a trailer and take things like our beds, and essentials with us in the trailer, instead of spending that same amount on a truck for one day. We will have a fridge where we are going any way. And we needed a new one to begin with as like I said, this one the freezer has been dead since July any way!

Thankfully Vince's father came over last night and helped us pack. It relieved a lot of my stress, as Vince and I have been doing all the packing by ourselves, and still had so much to do. His help sure did speed up the work. He says he is coming back tonight. I sure hope so. If he will come tonight, and tomorrow night and Thursday night. We should be done in time. We have inspection of the apartment on Monday and heading for Kansas on Tuesday. I am sure freaking out! I am happy, but scared about getting every thing done in time too. If Vince's dad keeps coming and helping though we will get it done!

On a sad note last Sunday Vince's uncle Michael, Kathy's brother died. He was my favorite uncle. He was so much fun to talk to, very wise, funny, and spiritual! We will miss him. But, at least we have hope of seeing him again one day. His poor daughters are so young though, only 19 and 24 so my heart goes out to them the most.

Saturday was probably the last block party we will get to go to, at least for a very long time. It was nice to see all the family one last time. But, also sad we didn't get to see Michael there, as he was so looking forward to it. We had just seen him a few weeks ago at the going away party, so it was such a shock that he was gone so soon.

Lela had a ball playing with her second cousins all her age there. And Belle, well she was a little confused about why another baby was there! lol As Linae is her same age, she's Kisha's & Eshawn's youngest daughter. They have a older daughter Shy, that is only about 1 year older then Lela. I will miss them, and I know Lela is for sure going to miss them. We also though look forward to making new friends in Kansas. Hopefully that will happen fast!

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