August 6, 2005

I had been slacking off on my fly lady. But, I am back at it again. Maybe some day, my house will be presentable. lol The kitchen is almost there! It's clean, just have to build the new side boards, and it will be done. As for the rest of the apartment, it has a long long long ways to go! lol

I am glad to finally be back home again for a while. I have been cooking up a storm. I love cooking. Last week I tried 5 new recipes, and this week 6. I am hoping for at least another 5 this coming week. :) It's been fun!

I went to my first TOPS meeting on Wednesday, since getting back home. And I get this month for free, cause I went on vacation and came back with a weight loss. Woo whoo! I didn't know I would get that. Well I can do that every vacation! lol That's not a problem for me! :) So uh... I guess I will get one month free every year! YEAH! :)

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