July 31, 2005

Finally things have calmed down. We went to the district convention in Richmond, Va, and it was great! We got to see a lot of good friends, and over all just had a very good time. The District Convention of course was wonderful as well. :) And we loved the drama.

When we got back we went to see Steele Magnolia's the Broadway production and it was so nice! Delta Burke was in it and did wonderfully.

However, I am now glad to be back home for the rest of the year, and just be in my normal routine again.

In August we get to go to 5 more tapings of Dlifetv. I think that will be a lot of fun.

The kitchen is finally coming along the way I want it to. And the rest of the apartment is following suit.

I won't promise to try to come back more often, but I will try! lol I know I need to! hahaha

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