July 9, 2005

This week, was a busy, busy, busy week. My dad, step mother, and 6 of my siblings came to visit! We walked all over the place. We walked through central park, through the Museum of Natural History, on a 3 hour cruise, to 3 Broadway shows-which I highly suggest Drumstruck, it was a ton of fun, and we got to play the drums the whole time, what a upper body workout! We walked all over here and tarnation, that was for sure. But, we had a really good time.

When they first arrived, I went outside to meet them, and since my younger siblings haven't seen me in a year and a half, they didn't even recognize me. They said to my dad, when he started coming towards me, that's Heather? And he said yup it is. They didn't even know who I was! But, they kept telling me how great I looked, and they even liked my hair. So that felt really, really good. Although when I looked back, I remember that the last time, the two oldest seen me at this weight, they were only 1 and 2 years old, so no wonder they didn't recognize me. And the youngest ones, have never seen me at this weight, except maybe in pictures. And this time, I look thinner at this weight then I did back then any how. I know for sure I am thinner too, cause I am wearing smaller clothes then I did back then. Back then I wore a woman's size 14, a woman's size 14 has been hanging off me since November of last year. I wear a size 12 loosely now! And a Juniors medium!

So any way, it was a GREAT week! :)

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