May 11, 2004

Well, we couldn't get the hard drive to work last night. Vince took it to see if it could be fixed, or we could get the data off it, they said it would probably cost any where from 2 hundred to 5 thousand dollars! But, they thought it could be done. Well.... probably means we won't be able to do that for a very long time. They think static killed it. It's so very sad.

I hope I can afford to buy PSP8 with in the next couple of months. I really need the animation workshop, cause I can't even download the trial of it, it won't download! GRRRR.

Not a good month!

Well, at least I'm back.

Oh BTW, I can't believe they let Amber and Rob go all the way on Survivor! I thought for sure that Jenna would wake up and vote off Rob, and not Rupert. What a stupid, stupid choice! I hope Rupert wins this viewers vote on who gets a million dollars!

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