May 10, 2004

I have my pc back, but it's not all up to par. The big hard drive isn't working and it has my graphics programs, and all my pics etc on it. I did take some pics of the pantry, but I can't share them cause I can't edit them with out my graphics program. As soon as I can share them I will! This is just really a mess. I had nightmares all night last night, from losing all our pics and all my graphics I have made. SAVE every thing on back up friends. This is just so sad. We are hoping though some how maybe we can retrieve our data off of it. It just won't open. :(

Add to that Blogger has changed it's interface, so I am learning new things. lol It may be a while before I am in full swing of things again. But, at least I can check in with every one.

Speaking of tea parties, I have decided next year (May 8th) when I celebrate my health anniversary (last year on May 8th, is when I started to really work on getting healthier and losing weight) I am going to have a health tea party.

I thought as favors I would give out little recipe cards of some of the foods I will serve at the party (all healthy). And then I may give out some other gifts, like a door prize, and some others, of baskets of health care luxury items, like bath gels, lotion etc. I am trying to think of something we could do besides eat as the main event of the party. lol Exercise? lol Hmmm, actually I was typing that to be funny, but maybe we could try some chair exercises....hmmmm. And maybe we could have every one bring a poem or saying about health.... hmmmm maybe that would work. Any ideas, be sure to share with me.

I'm also not sure what to call it, where I don't sound like I am from outer space, hey yall come to my health party! lol hahaha. I need to come up with a name that won't scare any one. lol

This year, we went to a really good Chinese place to celebrate. Just Vince and I. I dressed up and put on make up. And it was nice. AND I ate right! There was however, another brother and sister and the brothers parents there. We didn't expect to see. They are really nice. The brother used to be a newscaster here in NYC. He does sound a little like Ted (Mary Tyler Moore). But, I think he has much more sense then Ted. But, he has that deep voice that Ted used to try to have when he was trying to be a newscaster. lol Any way, they were nice, and they brought up that they go there for the food cause it's healthy. I didn't tell them we were there celebrating my health anniversary. lol I just said, that's why we go there too. (They offer a lot of veggies, sea food, and steamed brown rice. And it's really good!)

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