May 27, 2004

We are leaving soon. I am hurrying trying to get ready. Not having the PC for so long, and hurting my back/kidneys in March really put a damper on my preparing. I would usually of been ready for every thing right now and just sitting back waiting for the day to arrive. And now I am hurrying around trying to get every thing done last minute. I hate this! I mean I am happy to be going, but this is not the way I like to prepare for a trip. Thankfully I am packed, Vince is not packed. I have all the nonperishable food packed. And will be ready to go shopping for perishables Saturday.

However, I waited way to long to get the menus together. I had the menus planned out around February. BUT, I had just started typing in the recipes, when I fell and hurt my back, at the beginning of March. (March 2nd) Then I never got the rest typed in. I never got back to it. The last couple of days I typed in about ten recipes, to print out and the rest I just copied out of the book with our copy machine! ACK it looks horrible. I do have them in a binder though ready to go. I also put off making reservations till about a week ago. BAD me. I got reservations though, even if they aren't the best. I tell you, when I get back from this vacation. I am going to first thing make next years menu, and type out the recipes, at least two a day and I want the binder done by August, or September for out menu plan. I will also make a shopping list, and have all my nonperishables bought and packed by November. Then In February I am making our hotel reservations. I am making the camping reservations before we leave the camp ground. Thankfully they were made in March this year. That is how I LIKE to have things done. This year has had me in a mess, and it's my own fault for the most part. But, I am just not like this for trips. I was shopped and packed for my cruise a year in a advance, in fact for both cruises I have been on, I was packed one year in advance. I usually have my bags packed at least 6 months, if not 8 months in advance. This year it was harder cause I didn't know what I would be able to wear by summer time. My clothes are falling off a little, but I can still wear them, next year will be different. I know if I lose another 50 pounds like I want, I will have no clothes what so ever, so I will wait till late April and then I will go shopping and buy all my clothes. And pack. Oh we did buy our season passes in November, so I did do good on that. We will do that again this year as well. That was about the only thing I did in a timely fashion this year. UHG! So not like me. Even Vince said what was wrong, this isn't like you, I can't believe you didn't have every thing ready like you usually do. He wasn't upset with me, just knew this was not my usual way. What I don't like about this is it's stressful trying to not forget any details. When I do every thing in steps leading up, months before (up to a year before), I know systematically I didn't leave anything behind, and every thing is ready, and we just get in the car and go! I love that!

We are going to do that next year. Keep me on the ball! lol No, I won't need to be reminded, this is the first time this has ever happened with me, and I will tell you it won't happen again. Well actually it's a first time in adult hood. I think I am so obsessed with ahead planning, cause I did not have this as a child. My father was very moment to moment kind of person. Which I can do that, and I can adjust to that. BUT, I like the luxury of really being ready. What I mean is, he would come and pick me up on a Friday afternoon after school and tell me to pack, we were going on a week's vacation. And I had 30 minutes to be packed and in the car. For a elementary age child, this meant so many things were forgotten, then I would be in trouble for forgetting them. The number one thing I always forgot to back was underwear! I always forgot them, and then I would usually forget pillows and towels as well. Oh yeah and silverware. The pillows and towels were the worst to forget cause we always camped, and so you would have to air dry, and use your back pack as a pillow. Any way, I think I fear being in trouble for forgetting things, and not having the things I needed. Even if we were less then a block from home when I would remember something I forgot, my father would not go back. He said we were in the car and going and if I forgot, it was my fault. That was hard for a 6 year old. I mean I look back, and I can't imagine my nephews and nieces packing for themselves, let along remembering anything, let alone every thing! So now, I just avoid that, and am to the other extreme, in I pack every thing really really early and have every detailed planned out before hand. I am not rigid however, I can go with the flow. I just like having a basic outline, and being as prepared as I can be. And this vacation that did not happen. It's not ruining things for me. It's just causing me stress, that if I would have done things on time I wouldn't be having. But, I am not stressing big time. It's just stress, that I just want things done a certain way and that's not what is happening. But, I can live with it. I just won't do it again. lol

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