April 19, 2003

ACK!, I haven't updated in forever.

Well, first off I've been getting back to fly lady and almost have my house really nice looking. We are getting new windows and actually getting screens on the 29th! I can't wait.

We had a great Memorial. It was at Thomasina Banquet Hall. At 7:30. It was great. We did sing the last song with out music though. I liked it a lot. The brothers and sisters are really nice in our cong. It went by very fast. Vince's parents got there before us and had us seats saved. I sat between Vince and his mother. And Vince father was a attendant so he didn't sit down. We had 216 in attendance. Vince father also had a study and his wife attend. Then we went to Outback Steak house afterwards. It's becoming a tradition for Vince and I. It's where we have went after all three of the Memorials we have went to since we've been married. The first year we went with about 20 of Vince's family members. Last year we went by ourselves, and this year we went with Vince's mom and dad. The first year I had BBQ ribs, since then though I get the 3 lobster tails, and sweet potato and cream of onion soup instead of salad.

Hmmmmm, other things in life. I've gotten way into OTR-Old Time Radio shows. I love them. I used to listen to them in junior high and high school on trips. I would rent the tapes from the library then about a week ago I found you could get them online. I already have probably 1000. Lot's of people are sending them to me. And I really didn't know there was so many different ones. So far I like Blondie (Blondie and Dagwood), and Speed Gibson (a junior secret detective), All Star Western Theater (a western variety show, comedy, drama, and music, with guest stars like Hank Williams Sr, Roy Rogers, etc on it), Dragnet and Gangbusters. Also Superman and Batman. Ok ok I like a lot of them! lol Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman, lol on and on. lol I ended up having to get speakers for my mp3 player so I don't have to use the head phones. I like to listen to them to get to sleep, they are very relaxing and I am usually asleep before on show is half way over. lol Although most are 30 minute shows.

Well, I will work better at updating more often.

BTW, the visit at my parents went well and we got to do a whole lot of things.

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