April 21, 2003

About 6 or so months ago Vince's parents gave us a china cabinet. Well the key for it was on a ugly orange key chain. And we keep it in the lock since last time we took one out and put it on top of the cabinet it came up lost never to seen again. And we have cleaned the apt from top to bottom and still haven't seen it. I just couldn't stand the orange key ring it came on. It's a old antique key that is really beautiful. So for 1.24 at Wal-mart I got a pack of two gold tassels. I put them on the end of the key, then while also unpacking another box that needed to be pitched. I found a little white rose (silk), from our wedding so I put that on the key too. Now it looks 20 times better. And is very cute for a 1.24 lol. I still have some Irish china missing. So the top shelf in the cabinet is rather bare. But, I will put the few Irish dishes I have found in it soon. And take a pic.

I also bought some yarn to tie in the holes of the feather duster from Flylady to hand them up. When I get more money I will buy leather strips to hang them up with.

I also bought a CD holder so that our jewels aren't strewn through the house.

So I bought 3 things today that have made a dramatic difference in making our home a home. And not so eclectic.

We also got rid of all the boxes from our last trip. And now just got to get rid of our grocery boxes from today. But, Vince can take them down on his way to work tonight. So I'm pretty happy. The apt is looking more and more like a "home". Instead of the refugee-esque style we were sporting! lol

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