January 4, 2016

Little School on the Prarie - Dollar Tree Homeschool Finds and DIY

DIY magazine holder, and Dollar Tree Mail Box

These are both 1 dollar things from the Dollar Tree. The red polka dot box, with the magazines. Is actually a box from Costco when we bought the box of instant red potatoes. I kept it and cut off the top, and used 1 roll of Dollar Tree red polka dot decorative duct tape. And just covered it. I used cheaper plain duct tape inside the bottom to make it stronger. I love it.. works great to keep old magazines for collages and such in.

The mail box was as is from Dollar Tree in the Valentines decor section. They had many designs to choose from. I chose this one for it's lack of Valentines message and just plain love theme, with out the Valentines. We will use it for playing "mail" in school. Real snail mail letters/post cards! Play mail boxes from mainly homeschool and teacher stores are upwards of 70 to 150 dollars! So my find for 1 dollar I am pretty happy with.

Attendance Chart
As promised this is a photo of our attendance chart. This is from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus, FREE Seven Step Planner.

It is the full color customization attendance chart for 4 children. I really love it!

I moved the months around for our year around schedule, but I am thinking about changing our months beginning and ending to mirror Tina's more.

I mainly put in their initials for each day, and then do field trips in the highlights.

Also at the bottom you can see I try to keep a running tally of how many days of school we did for the month and the grand total that that adds up to. I need to fill in the first semester at the top too!

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