January 17, 2016

Homeschooling with Dollar Tree finds

We went to the local science museum for a field trip, the children learned all about the universe and how exploding stars and such happen. They really liked it. Along with putting on a puppet show and all kinds of things.

Then I went to dollar tree, and found a VERY good price on a book to use for our homeschooling lessons. We try to use Mad Libs. My children adore them! But, the books can get pretty pricey. This workbook is not exactly Mad Libs, but pretty close. I do not like that it gives too much detail, with out saying noun, or adjective etc. But, I figure for the price difference (1 dollar vs 7) I can still just say noun, verb, etc where I know they should be! lol

I tried to rotate it so it would be upright, but it wouldn't allow me to. Sorry!

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