December 29, 2015

Little School on the Prairie

Still icy, but Vince had to go into work anyway, and will have to work Saturday and Sunday to make up for all the missed days.

I finally was able to get to Barnes and Noble and get new book marks. I love my little Kawaii Toaster bookmark, too cute! Stamps and now new cute book marks too! Awesome.

Also note worthy, Barnes and Noble has a 20 percent discount teachers card, but it is not on coupons and/or sales. Still saved me a dollar per pack of book marks! So very worth signing up for. They do allow homeschool mom's to sign up for this card as teachers as well. Some of the clerks will take your word for it, and others will ask for proof. They however do not seem to expire. Where Joann's is the same as far as some clerks will ask for your proof of being a homeschooling mom and/or teacher ID, and others will not. BUT, again take note, that Joann's discount card for teachers expires every August and you will have to either get a clerk who takes your word for it when you sign up for your new one, or bring in proof you are a homeschool teacher every August.

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