December 16, 2015

First day posting our homeschool planner

I have decided to have my blog turn a corner more towards how we homeschool. I'm hoping to help other witnesses who are homeschooling, or are interested in how and would like to get ideas, encouragement and confidence to teach their own children at home. I also am working on a vlog for this too. But, of course I know how to blog really well so this is where I will start putting in my time.

First let me start by having you visit my homeschooling page at the top of this blog. It will explain much to you about what and how we are homeschooling.

My plan is to start posting photos of our homeschool planner for beginners, at least daily, I may add more content or not, depending. My purpose is to encourage and help fellow sisters in their homeschool journey. I hope that will be accomplished, especially for you!

First of all you will notice the left hand side of my planning pages, I have listed, Daily Text, Calendar Time, Kindergarten Story and the song we are singing for the month. This, even though divided how it is, is not the time frame shown or child specific. These are done with all the children together, except the kindergarten story is only with Belle and RJ. We start each day with Daily Text, and a Children's song from focusing on one song a month. Then Lela starts her math, while I read a Kindergarten Story to Belle and Raphael. Then Belle alone does Calendar time. then I do math with Belle one on one and sometimes with RJ as well, and then 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read one on one with Belle. After that I go back to circle time, and while Lela is doing her Math and Language Arts, we read Bible Stories, and secular children's stories. We come back together with myself and all three children for Science, Health, Social Studies, Geography, History, Music/Art, and Bible Study. Of course Belle and Raphael are much younger, so they may or may not listen and stay in attendance for ALL of these things, but they are little by little working on that. Lela accomplishes all of these tasks at this time in her schooling.

Where I have down arrows, that means every one below the written plan, that the arrow is in their box, also completed the study plan for that subject that day.

Monday of this week-


Today's before we actually did the day
Today's after we completed the day
You will notice I do not add the date on each planning page til we are actually sat down ready to start our schooling for the day. From day to day plans could change. Just this week my husband came home early and declared we were going out to eat. School ended up on hold that day and we ended up not doing our plans for the day regarding schooling. I also only use frixion pens in my planner. As you can see in the before picture, I had some things planned that I ended up erasing and we did not do. And other things we decided to throw in there unplanned, because Lela was taking a extra long time with her math that day. Frixion pens erase with ease. One warning though, I have heard heat can cause them to fade. So far I have not experienced this, but other homeschoolers have warned me of such.

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