July 17, 2015

Friday night, date night

Went to Dempsy's tonight. The burgers were aight... the truffle fries left a lot to be desired... we waited quite a while, and in my opinion they looked awesome, but were cold, and not that great. The truffle cream on the other hand was really really good as was the garlic aioli. I loved the sweet potato fries, they were actually perfection. Over all though, I'm still a bionic burger fan when it comes to fries. I must say with the amounts you got though the prices weren't bad, not bad at all. The staff though in my opinion were a little lax, hard to get their attention in such a tiny place, when we needed them. And it did seem like we waited a long time for not that many people there. I most likely will give them another chance, quite frankly the sweet potato fries are the cheapest I have ever seen and done perfectly. I do want to try the duck fat fries... hopefully they will be hot and not cold and hard like the truffle fries. And we only had the sliders, again they were fine... not the best. (bionic burgers meat is yummy! lol haha). I want to try the strawberry marmalade, see what I think, and a few of their specialty burgers or shakes.

Other then that we also hit the ice cream place in front of Dempsy's and that place was yummy! HUGE scoop of ice cream, and was really really good. I had the Bunny Tracks and it was amazing. I tried a sample of the Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream, I'm not sure if the fudge really came from there or not... but I have had Mackinac Fudge in Mackinac and to me what ever was there didn't compare to the fudge I actually had in Mackinac. Oh well the bunny tracks was amazing! The huge malt ball on top, was also a nice touch and yummy! However, so far the best ice cream I have had around here was at the Cocoa Dolce, that ice cream is HUMONGOUS took me like a hour (not even joking) to finish my one scoop from them. It was melting all over the place, and I was trying to give it away! For sure one scoop is a sharing scoop from them! lol And I'm kind of hooked on Rockin' Rico's mudslide snow balls right now too!

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