July 11, 2015

Mediterranean Delight

Tried Tahini's tonight in Delano. Loved it! Best gyro meat we've ever had. You don't get as much as Le Monde's. But, it is super moist and very very yummy! The hummus was really good. The baba ganoush fresher then any where else. (although I'll admit I do like Le Monde's baba ganoush the very best). Vince really liked the roasted potatoes. I want to try the soup and salad next. And they were great about giving samples of things before ordering as well. After our dining disaster at Meddy's last year, I was very happy with Tahini's. Unlike Meddy's the workers knew about all the food they served and were eager to help you make a selection and give you generous samples too.

I also tried the dessert, it was good, but the only thing I probably will not order again, Zaytun makes the same thing much better. quite honestly it's hard to beat Zaytun on any dessert though. :) I like Kabab's desserts but again Zaytun has it down. The other mediterranean places severely lack in their dessert dept, especially Le Monde's store bought desserts. But, their biscuits make up for it! lol ;) But, any who, Zaytun makes a Kunafa that is sooo creamy it's like something between eating french toast and creme brulee. Tahini's Kunafa was a little over cooked, and lacked in the creaminess after having Zaytun's heavenly take on it.

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