December 15, 2012

Catching Up. . .

I have been extremely busy! Whew. My mom was released from the rehab center and the children were able to go back home with her. A relief for us.

I am just LOVING the new site. Belle is loving doing her "assignments" on there as well. And I think the comic book series is way cool! Very nice addition to our curriculum. Next month we are going to a Eric Carle seminar and art field trip. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I am just oozing with excitement right now. I've been trying to get the game The Tree of Knowledge for years. Twice I almost was able to get it, but once Stoops was closed when I tried, and the next time they had stopped selling it! UHG! Well a sister has offered to give me her's! I can't wait to start playing it with my kids. We plan on going to Stoops in May too and pick up a few other games for Family Worship Night as well. I had so much fun with those games growing up, I can't wait to start playing them with my children.

I'm also pretty excited to plan our home schooling weekend at Silver Dollar City next year. It sounds like they will have a lot of neat classes for the kids. Lela sounded excited to enroll in all the classes they offer over that weekend.

I'm working on getting ahead on our schooling. We got behind between my mom, my own and Lela's illnesses the past few weeks. Thankfully the school is having a long closing for winter break, I think we'll be able to get completely caught up during that break.


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