December 16, 2012

Growing Up . . .

For some reason I hadn't thought about trying the simplified edition of the WT with Lela till a friend suggested it. So I decided we would do that with her. Last night for pre-study she able to answer all the questions completely on her own! And she quickly got the connection between what we were studying in the WT and the stories from the My Book of Bible Stories, even adding in a lot of extra comments to the answers, about the subjects. So she was able to give two comments that were completely 100 percent her own at meeting today! Usually we kind of help her with a few of the words and have to remind her of what "her" comment is. But, today she did hers completely 100 percent all on her own. We were just so so proud of her! And she was too. Things are getting exciting!

We were able to get another school day done today too. Trying to make up for all the missed days during all the illnesses we had for a few weeks there.

Still seen more sisters in our congregation that I knew as a kid. It's so much fun to reconnect.

After meeting we picked up Casey and Hunter and went to eat lunch. Then I helped my mom by cleaning her house till we filled the trash cans completely full. Vince is going to work on getting a dumpster so we can completely clean the whole house. I hope we can get one by the end of the week. It's going to be a major job.


Sue Tripp said...

The simplified edition is great. Many adults use it as well. Its great when you need a simple explanation for something or are having trouble understanding something.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Yes we are really enjoying it.

I also just made a Moses lapbook for her today that another sister had as a download, and she loves!