November 3, 2012

Off to see the Wizard . . .

We have almost every thing completely out of our apartment. I'm thinking by the end of next weekend we will be DONE! I can't wait. We don't get very much time to move and such cause of Vince's very long work hours, usually from 4 am till 8 pm, only one or two nights a week does he get off work by 6 or 7 pm, instead of 8. And when he has to be there by 4 am, not much we can do before work. When he gets of work, it's usually just eating dinner, saying a few things to the kids and then it's time for bed. So it's taken us a while to get every thing out, but I am so happy it will be over next weekend!

Amazingly I was able to get the house so clean, I was able to reorganize the garage. I can't believe it. I'm usually so behind the garage would be the last thing on my mind. But, I was able to completely and utterly organize the garage. And now the kids can play in there when it's too cold outside. They have a play kitchen in there, and some ride on toys. They love playing out there.

I've been working on recipes again, and I came up with some pretty good ones I think. The kids liked my pumpkin mac and cheese the best! I liked it pretty well too.

We have been having a ball, quite literally with Lela's gym class that is part of the Calvert curriculum.  We've been playing a lot of four square. However, I ended up buying the two littles their own ball so that they won't keep getting hit in the face, trying to play with Lela and I. They like just chasing the ball any how. And our nature walk was really lovely as well. Lela really likes it. And it for sure is something I needed to start doing! Yesterday was so nice and warm we spent nearly all afternoon out there, from the time Lela was done with school, till Vince got home. Today though it suddenly turned frigid out there. Glad we had one good day out in the sun before the cold came in though!

I've always wanted to decorate our door, but in NYC anything I put on our door was stolen....I think the janitors may of taken them and threw them in the trash, but I just don't know. I know they wouldn't even last a week on the door though. Which is kind of sad. Yesterday at Walmart's clearance section they had all their fall decor on sale to bring in the winter stuff. So I got a really cute autumn sign for the door. I can finally decorate again! Little by little I'm getting the house just how I would like it. Finally, only took a little over a decade. haha I'm hoping they will hurry up and put the fall sugar on sale so I can use those colors to decorate sugar cookies we are going to be making soon. All they had though was halloween colors on sale and I really didn't want them at all. I would like the rich orange though and burnt red like colors they have out for fall though. I bought a leaf cookie cutter and they will be really really cute, with those colors of sugar on top.

Today we are going to see the Wizard of Oz for Lela's class field trip. When I signed up they said they were full, but then I got a email two days ago that they had tickets for us! So that should be fun. The only thing is only Lela can go, no children under 3. I had already signed up for 5 tickets though, we are going to take Hunter and Casey to see it as well. It's in a local high school here, a brand new one, so that should be nice to see how they did this brand new school. I only went to really really old schools when I was growing up, very outdated ones, the first ones built in our town in fact. haha My grandparents had went there! haha Now every thing is new and modern with heat and AC! lol My younger siblings look at me like I'm from the stone age, when I tell them that we didn't have AC in school in fact we didn't even have fans, unless a teacher brought in their own! And our heat was those old oil things that clunked really loudly all day long. Funny how much things have changed very fast around here it seems. Anyway, it's been really nice all the little field trips that the school has planned. I'm so glad that Maize is hosting this for our state. I just love it. I need to check in with the co-op though and see if there's any more planned soon with them as well. After the play we are going to pack more stuff. Then my brother will bring his daughter Lily over and she is spending the night. Lela and Belle will be very very happy about that!

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